The Michelin Guide to return to Los Angeles as part of new California edition

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Michelin California 2020 Predictions

I can’t wait for the howlin’ ray’s $200 8-course tasting menu.


Sauron is back.


Chi Spacca - 4 stars

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Ricky’s Fish Tacos: 3 Stars




Any restaurant that Sergio has been to should be one star at a minimum.:joy:


Stinking Rose: 3 Stars


Anyone suspect that a food truck might get a star this time around? :rofl:

Perhaps Providence will finally get its 3rd star. 1 for Hayato at the very least for sure.

We’re also gonna see a bunch of restaurants offering tasting menus now…


Lawd, don’t let the serious speculations start…

(Sorry, I’m still disgusted at this turn of events right now)


it’s for all of California, lord knows we’re not good enough to have our own guide, :roll_eyes:


i have mixed feelings about this


This is not a good thing, it’s going to detract from the creativity and chances LA chefs are willing to take and have been taking in the past 10 years… everyone will be dumbing down their menus to appease Michelin critics. This will be the downfall of the elevated and unique LA food scene we have been enjoying, it was fun while it lasted.


I like this quote

Royce Burke, Yarrow: “I think that Los Angeles has become the best food city in the country in large part because we aren’t cooking for stars. We cook for our neighbors, our communities, and ourselves. All of us have known it was inevitable for Michelin to come back, then would not maintain credibility as a food travel guide without including what is considered far and wide as the greatest food city in America. To ‘come back’ like this including us as part of the California guide is so fucking insulting. With the exception of a few chefs no one asked for it or wanted them here now they are ‘throwing us a bone’ by including us in their new state wide coverage? Same peeps who said this? ‘The people in Los Angeles are not real foodies…they are not too interested in eating well.’”


I suspect that the guide will do what it did in Hong Kong and adapt the stars across the casual/street food to fine dining spectrum. There are lots of hole in the wall there that had gotten stars that way.


Should our chefs have to adjust in order to cater to a whim of a guide that insulted our city on its way out? It sounds like some chefs won’t change their game plans at all with this news…and I think that truly reflects L.A.


Book all your reservations at your most favorite treasured establishments between now and October and line all your ducks in a row. This includes the places you guys worked so hard to rave and review about and their merits (the fine dining ones especially), and in the worst of all cases, all that work will be given to Michelin who will take up more limelight and credit.

Once the stars arrive, so will price hikes at certain places and very likely the change in quality and innovation to satisfy a more international crowd (unless the chefs, owners, investors are all on the same page and stay true to themselves), the flooding by the riff raff (who you don’t want to be seated next to because they are also social media mavens more so than about the food, and just chase rather than chasing the experience) and everything associated with the BS that comes with this (including paying to be in the guide, e.g. Bib Gourmand or recommended).


i’n not too sure about that, just look at all the chefs in this article ( saying they’re stoked. They’re all star fuckers for michelin and down to sell out…this is the end.

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Not all of them are excited. I just hope the guide doesn’t change how people approach food in L.A. Wishful thinking, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of our chefs just decided to keep on doing their thing without any regard to the guide?