The Parliamentary Dining Room in Victoria, BC

None of my guidebooks mentioned the restaurant here. I had looked because we really enjoy the restaurant at the Parliament in Quebec City. It wasn’t until we were visiting the Parliament in Victoria and asked a Scottish guard that we found out there was a restaurant there. He said it was full up for lunch that day (you should reserve in advance for lunch) but that breakfast was a great time to go. We went the next morning and there was our Scottish guard, supping at the restaurant!

You need to get through security, including an x-ray check, to get to the restaurant. I forgot my wallet, but luckily, very luckily, the guard remembered us from the day before, so he didn’t make us go back to the hotel for my wallet.

There was a mix of tourists and employees at the restaurant. The waiters would joke with the regulars.

I would definitely get this again - a grilled cinnamon roll. Crispy from the grilling and warm and sweet.

Good, traditional breakfast!

Dining room - not as fancy as the restaurant in Quebec City - more homey.

The exterior. You enter past the main entrance, down a set of stairs that go to the basement.