The running goose beef ribs, has anyone else tried it?

thanks guys. once rec said it was pretty fucking dope.

Here’s the menu description…Smoked Beef Ribs – worcestershire, rub, onions, horseradish $24. It sounds so good.

I was thnking of fucking hitting that shit up.

one of the few fine or sit down dining joints in town to serve beef ribs.

and if there’s four of them that ain’t fucking half bad for sit down.

Look at this turkey sandwich from their web page…why have I never heard of this place?

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why ???

bc that’s the fucking reason for sites like this one and other ones.

if you had heard of it … then…

but yeah, i’m getting hungry, some of the food sounds interesting and shall I say different ???

Here’s a pic of them at least, maybe the most gussied up beef ribs I’ve ever seen:


WTF? with the cilantro garnish. SMFH!

What about the fucking cornucopia of fucking potpourri on there ???

Anyhow in the interests of reportage, I may have to hit that shit up.

First hand.

And that ain’t no fucking joke, as a sagacious curmudgeon once wisely stated so fucking well.

That was my rec… Weekend Run-Down (October 2015) - what did you have?

They’re fucking awesome. @Jase, the cilantro actually works with the pickled vegetables as a counter to the richness of the ribs.

Sorry OC.

Yep, that is your recommendation. I couldn’t remember the hound that mentioned it earlier and then I passed by it earlier the other fucking day.

Thanks man.

Never knew that about the cilantro and pickled veggies until I noticed the Yelper pics, maybe they want to make the beef ribs more dainty looking or something of that nature ???

but OC Steve it’s worth a trip and considering that not too many joints serve up those Beef Ribs.

I can may be count the number of joints on one hand. but the number of pork ribs joints is through the fucking stratosphere. and that’s no fucking joke.

I think they’re worth the trip if you’re in LA. Not sure I’d drive up from OC just for those ribs, but I might if I really had a craving. You’re right, beef ribs aren’t all that easy to find, and this was one of the better versions I’ve had. I usually end up smoking them at home when I get a craving.

I hear you. Thanks so much for the rec man.

I did hear about the restaurant months upon months ago and it looked somewhat promising.

But until you mentioned it I never even knew they had smoked beef ribs on the menu.

You gotta check out Maple Block’s smoked prime rib too. It’s pretty fucking good.

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Kevin do you like the gigantic beef rib at Baby Blue BBQ?

I wasn’t a huge fan, but I remember hitting it up more than a half dozen years ago.

that remeinds me.

someone metninoed that there’s a joint in OC near the iced café sua dua joints that serves some great beef ribs too. or rather one Brobingdiean beef rib.

anynone happen to remember the fucking name ???

it was either in garden grove or Westminster I think

There was a long period of time where Baby Blue really went down hill. It’s much better now. The beef rib is usually only available on weekends and it’s my favorite thing on their menu


I’ll have to hit it up again, if you do hit it up in the meantime please report back on the fucking double.

Could be The Smoking Ribs

I haven’t been in yet, but I will try it as soon as I can.

yeap, I believe that’s it, 99.9 % sure.

it’s the joint that has a full rack of beef ribs on the fucking menu ???

plus a special, single, one ginormous beef short rib ???

thanks man.

I think so.

Is anyone aware of whether the 16oz smoked short rib at Odys & Penelope is essentially a massive beef rib?..

Or is it something else entirely? It comes on a massive bone, but seems to have much more meat than the one pictures here.

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