Thoughts on Mandarette

it’s close by work. looks upscale and good.

Haven’t been in years. It was very trendy at one time. It’s still open… that’s a good sign or it’s the only Chinese place in the neighborhood. IIRC, they used to have pretty good duck. Always dug the name. If you go I’d like to see what you think.

But it’s not.

Bao Dim Sum, ROC, and Newport Seafood are all within about 0.5 miles of Mandarette. You can include M CON, as well, if you take liberties with the notion of “Chinese”.

[quote=“ipsedixit, post:3, topic:3637”]
if you take liberties with the notion of “Chinese”.
[/quote] :smile:
I haven’t been to Bao. It looks pretty cool from the outside though. Newport looks fancy. Is it? The first time we went to ROC it was really good, the second time the dough was a little undercooked. But I still recommend it… very tasty.

I had it today. I liked it. Went for lunch. Kung Pao Chicken. upscale, the chicken didn’t make any noises when I bit it. That is what why young cousin used to say when she would bite into a piece of fat. “it made a noise.”

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I’ve had Bao too. It was ok, but I’d go to ROC instead.