Tips and tricks for (and venting about) online grocery shopping

Latest challenge: I want some Stoned Wheat Thins or similar, like Trader Joe’s house-brand knockoff.

  • Amazon has a case of 12 Stoned for $44.57 ($3.71 each).
  • Amazon Fresh has Stoned for $3.19 and a 365 knockoff for $2.99.
  • Berkeley Bowl through their own Local Express web site has nothing.
  • Berkeley Bowl through Instacart has Stoned for $5.39.
  • Farmstead has nothing. The strength and weakness of that service is their focus on local products.
  • Safeway through Instacart has Stoned for $5.09.
  • Whole Foods through Prime Now has nothing.

I love how every time I place an Instacart order it tells me how much time I’ve saved.

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