Top 10 Ramen in OC

according to OC Register. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Has anybody been to Yoshiharu or Kopan? I’m not familiar with either place.

one dimensional tonkotsu blahness.

I went to Kopan alhambra after the sudden change from rutsu and was disappointed. Overly thick, heavy, yet generic n bland tonkotsu. The pork belly chashu they gave me still had hard chewy skin I pulled out of my mouth and they don’t know how to peel eggs (when i went). The large amount of fake yelp reviews also says a lot imo.

Yuck. Sounds about right from this reviewer.

My recollection of Koran in Fullerton was that it was okay if you’re in NOC and have to have it, but I haven’t been in over a year. What’s Up Men, also in Fullerton was similar.

Totally agree. Kopan and What’s Up are very mediocre.

Thanks Steve, A5, NS1 and Blimpbinge for killing my dreams. The thought of great ramen in North OC so I wouldn’t have to drive to Costa Mesa or Buena Park was dancing in my head.

With winter coming it would have been nice to drive 10 minutes instead of 30 minutes for ramen. But then again I probably don’t need to be eating that much ramen.

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Sorry. I will go to either of them if I’m working in my Brea office and really have a craving. Luckily, Shin-Sen-Gumi is right around the corner, and Kitakata isn’t far.

Kitakata is closer now that they have a Buena Park location.

If I have a craving I usually go to Honda-ya (forget the new name). Their ramen is on par with Whats Up and I can sneak in some skewers.

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