Trader Joe’s new Kimchi

I very recently saw an IG post from a great TJs blogger that featured a new Kimchi she just bought this past weekend. The container is white with red lettering. I like pickled things but have issues with spices so I’m hoping someone here will try this and post about the heat scale of this new product.

As a basis for comparison… I’m OK with small amounts of TJ’s Chili Garlic Crunch. How do they compare heat-wise? TIA

This review says not very spicy.

These people had never tasted kimchi before and didn’t find it too spicy.

I picked some up over the weekend, but haven’t opened it yet…I’ll let you know…

ok— I opened it up and gave it a try… Not overly spicy/hot… it has a kick, but when I read the ingredient label it listed “radish” in addition to cabbage…and it has a salty-radish-chili-vinegar taste. I wouldn’t say the primary flavor is chili. I wouldn’t mind a little more cabbage taste at the forefront.

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Thank you for the reports. We’re taking a cabin fever break (doing nothing at our daughter’s house; same as at home), so it’ll be a week if so before I can get some.

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