Trader joe's drops wasabi mayo!

Again! Last time there was such an outpouring of grief and anger they brought it back PDQ; nowadays they seem to have sealed off all direct online feedback avenues, leaving the only public possibility a picket line outside HQ in Monrovia … and do we have a street address for that? Haven’t seen one …

This is annoying to me mostly because of its standing out as one of their signature oddball items. When my father-in-law introduced me to TJ’s, on my first or second visit to SoCal, his principal buys there were any good cheap wine, the Dijon mustard and the wasabi mayonnaise. I’m not sure if we had moved out here when Discontinuation 1 happened, but I do recall at least hearing about the adverse reaction. Of course now their footprint has stretched to well outside Wasabi Country, so maybe they have been paying too much attention to such trivia as sales records … and maybe just not selling much wasabi mayonnaise in Nashville or Indianapolis. Which would be another case of success spoiling things for us who thought Joe was OUR special buddy.

All I know for sure is that if I want my deviled eggs to look and taste how I like them I’m gonna have to make my own wasabi mayo. I’ll live.

That is disappointing. Also, their light mayo has been AWOL for months.

WO, I love it when you get all passionate :slight_smile: But seriously I’ve never tried it. I should see if the Reno store has it. If so, should I buy it out???

Only if you have a thing for horseradish and mayonnaise, which is what it comes down to. That and green food coloring. As bogus as it is, it gives my devilled eggs both a nice greenish tint and a startling contrast with the paprika on top. Worth the effort.

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Horsey Mayo is also HIGHLY recommended for roast beef sandwiches. I usually just put a glob on one side of the bread, then mayo, then spread them together, and wipe the excess on the other half of the roll.

green food coloring optional.

also, Beaver extra hot prepared horseradish. Don’t bother with kosher purple stuff. If you want it purple, food coloring or beat juice will do nicely.

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