Trattoria L'Incontro (Astoria)vs Roberto's (Arthur Ave)

I have been to each of these restaurants, but only one time each, and both a long time ago.

I remember the food at both being high quality, and that each had an extensive menu of “specials”, especially L’Incontro.

So what’s the story today, is one head and shoulders above the other? Different cuisine styles?, menus?, pricing? quality, etc? Where would you go if given the choice?


Welcome to FTC!!!

c) Park Side in Corona Queens. Seriously better, although I do like the other two.
I haven’t been to Roberto’s in a long time either, so I cant really compare. I have been to L’Incontro only a couple of months ago &, although it was fine, I don’t see it as a top choice.

Thank you SteveR for jogging my memory re Parkside. I’ve dined there probably a few more times than the other two and it was always a great experience.
Some friends were raving on the other night about enjoying Roberto’s specials, and that got me to thinking about the extensive specials list they recite at L’Incontro.

But you’re correct, I’ll have to get back to Parkside.

P.S. This reminiscing reminds me me of another Queens spot, not quite in the same league and no longer with us, but I sure remember enjoying some fantastic dishes there. Vesuvio in Whitestone; house-made Papperdelle with duck ragout and mushrooms, unbelievably great.

In recent years Chef Roberto and his team have been growing their group of pizza restaurants, Zero Otto Nove, from Arthur Ave. to Westchester County. They just opened their newest in Tuckahoe. The original Roberto’s on Belmont is not as difficult to enter as it used to be, but still busy…