Trois Mec Is No More... [Eater]

Aw man, this is bad…


Really bad. It speaks to the huge problem the restaurant biz is facing. Sad!

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Best to you Ludo . With no end in sight . Time to leave. You exceeded your dreams . The beating the restaurants are going to continue to have . Smart move . You see the writing on the wall .The puppet on the string.


Ending business is one of the business tools besides bankruptcy to renegiotiate a lease.

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Strategic (and wise) retraction of the empire to maintain survival. (perhaps?)


He’s turning it into a takeout operation. Looks good and I’ll try to make it this weekend.


Sounds great.


looks bomb

I guess you were right.

I took out Ludobab for lunch and thought it was great.

I wanted to try a couple of the kebabs instead of getting a whole plate, so I picked up the lamb and ratatouille skewers with a side of pita and a couple extra sauces.

The first thing that stood out going in on the ratatouille was how excellently the vegetables were cooked. I liked how the tomato was turned into a chunky sauce for the vegetables so that none of them got overcooked or mushy.

The lamb was also simply seasoned but well cooked. It went great wrapped up in the pita with the yogurt and cilantro sauces.

The pita was different from others I typically have because it was steamed. It was pretty chewy, but I didn’t hate it. Though it was near impossible to separate, so I ended up with some pretty thick bites trying to wrap it around the lamb.

I’d definitely go back to try some of the other dishes.


I’ve had that labor-intensive style of ratatouille at restaurants in Provence. It’s like a different dish.

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Yup, totally different than any other ratatouille that I’ve had. It definitely says something about the effort they’re putting into the concept.

I got the kebab plate today with lamb, steak and an order of the eggplant fries.

The lamb was fine, but i’d say go steak 100%…it has this really nice peppercorn marinade on it that really elevates it. The eggplant fries were also really delicious.


I had Ludobab last night. Ordered a steak plate and a lamb plate. Both were excellent, but I preferred the lamb, although it was a tad over cooked… But wow – the sweet potatoes and egg plant fries were awesome. Those are a must order. The pita is different than what I’m used too. It’s a bit on the chewier side, but still tasty. If I lived close by, I would be here once a week.


Ordered pickup (as opposed to delivery, the only two options) and was pleased to see a large outdoor dining area for Petite Trois, which was full at about 12:45. Pickup of the order was at the front door of the old Trois Mec, and totally easy and seamless.

The spread - House plate with lamb and a side of mushrooms

My first reaction was the pita was soggy due to the steam preparation. It won’t lie flat, but stays rolled-up and it’s quite different from any preparation I’ve previously had. It was much softer than others, almost cakey, and was easy to use. I read others had trouble opening it up, but I found it to be very easy to open if you tear off a side first. It would be easy to make a pita sandwich with this bread.

The lamb was cooked perfectly: tender with a light char. It had a familiar, sweetish flavor which I couldn’t put my finger on, but it was delicious. The portion is just about right. I might be concerned if it was much smaller, but I was satisfied after this meal, particularly given the pita and rice.

While the lamb had plenty of flavor on its own, I ordered the green sauce which is a kind of creamy chimichurri sauce. I had finished half the kabab before I tried the sauce, but it was perfectly suited for the meat and the flavors of the marinade. The green sauce definitely complemented the lamb and I’m glad I picked that one.

The hummus was hummus. It was a little grainy so the flavor of the chickpeas was strong, which I like. The tomato salad also had a faint sweetness, like the lamb. It wasn’t too much, but had a flavor I wasn’t expecting.

Finally, the mushrooms were tasty, although the side order is more than I really needed. It would be suited for two to share.

A pet peeve is all the packaging required in this new distancing environment, but I was pleased to see they use plant based containers for the main courses.

A very tasty and satisfying meal. High quality ingredients and preparation. I plan to return.

Ludobab Ludobab Website
Corner of Highland and Melrose


Ludobab was fun and interesting.
I split a OOE with an esteemed FTCer. It was a great way to get a taste of the entire menu. What impressed me the most was the char achieved on each of the dishes…nice smokey crispy bits. The chicken thighs, yams, and mushrooms were amongst the favorites of the cooked dishes. We were also impressed that most of the dishes were cooked with the thought that folks will take home and re-heat. we warmed up the beef to find that it was still a lovely pink inside. Of the uncooked dishes…that marinated feta was pretty delicious…and I rather enjoyed the soft texture of the feta…it’s rare for me to get a softer feta because it’s usually firm. The oil from the feta was great on the yam. Sauces were great, too.


How easy is parking / pick up of the food. I don’t always love dealing with Hollywood parking but definitely want to try

I was there around 1:30pm on a Saturday and there were multiple spots in the small lot. If you’re just picking up, I don’t think it would be a challenge for lunch.

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