Truckee - Moody's - a GREAT pizza

We had lunch here today and didn’t order our usual duck liver pate’ which is luscious and very generous. Instead we opted for the duck meatball pizza.

Duck Meatball 18
English Peas, Spring Onions, Hot Cherry Peppers
and Goat Gouda

We asked for it ‘extra crispy’ and they apologized for the delay. The chef was trying to get it just right. Well, he sure did. This is one of the best pizzas ever. The crust was the very best and each topping was just right.



Have you had the tartare?

YES! and the duck liver pate’ and the crab toast. All were super. We hadn’t been there for a few years until recently and I don’t know why. It’s always been really good. 'Course starting now it’s going to get really busy.


Oh, every business is going to get busy. It’s summer now. It used to not start til really 4th of July but it’s so warm so early now that ‘the season’ pretty much runs June through September.

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I thought the season in Truckee was skiing.

Nope. Winter and summer. I really don’t like Truckee weather. Cold and foggy in winter and much hotter than the lake in summer.