UES/UWS/Harlem takeout/delivery sushi recs?

I’m in the upper UES/Harlem area! Has anyone got any favorite sushi spots that deliver here? Don’t need anything fancy, just want some decent nigiri and maybe a fun roll that’s not super expensive. We had Sushi Yasuda takeout earlier and it was delicious but too expensive for regular eating haha.

Looked around on postmates and some of the options were Kouzan, Momoya, Nobu 57 (!), Sushi Gama, Roy’s Fish Market (looks v promising)…let me know if you have any opinions on these. Thanks!

@Sgee might.

Recommended by reliable folks

Places I’ve been

  • Sushi Inoue (120th & Malcolm X) - Popular spot I’ve been but I’m not a fan… expensive
  • Noz - V. Good but expensive

Looks interesting, not sure if its open nor inexpensive


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Oo thank you! I have also heard good things about Tanoshi - will have to stop by!