Under the Radar Chinese Cuisine SGV

Just want to give a +1 rec on this place. Great renditions of the classics. Shrimp quality clearly a step above par.

Want to echo all the positive feedback for Saigon Bakery but also mention that it is my favorite cafe sua da so far in 626. Very strong. I bought another one before waking out the store.


Now that’s quite a feat after strong Vietnamese coffee :joy:

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Good list.

Shaanxi: I much prefer Shaanxi Garden to Noodle Art. Another good (but very downscale) option is Chong Qing Special Noodles. I know it sounds Sichuan, but Chongqing province borders Shaanxi. The menu has much more in common with Shaanxi Garden than a Sichuan restaurant. Also try Northern Cafe on Garfield. It’s close to Noodle Art and much better IMO. It’s probably my favorite of the whole bunch. I like that you can look at all the liang cai before ordering.

Hunan: Our favorite is Dong Ting Chun (second floor of Ranch 99 Plaza).


My Northern Cafe lunch today: