Vegan burritos

there was a truck at a brewery we were at last weekend that is called Vurritos… naturally i thought they were slinking vegan burritos… but no… V is just the first initial of the priprietor :slight_smile:

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Really really wanted to like Olga’s but Hell No.
Place is dirty
Son/manager is a prick.

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really? I always see it when I go to LFC.

Being from the Midwest Olga’s was a sit down mall chain that served Greek food. I loved their gyros and spanikopita

Wake & Late (DTLA). Non-vegan place that specializes in breakfast burritos. This $12 vegan breakfast burrito with scrambled tofu, tater tots, black beans, and avocado was decent, but squarely in the bottom third of vegan burritos reviewed in this thread.

That would not require eating imitation cheese or imitation eggs.

Interviewer: “If you could be any animal, which would you choose?”

Brian Eno: “I am an animal.”


Yeah - the fact that animals eat animals, eat them alive even, has always made me question how veganism can be a reasonable moral philosophy. You’d have to ask Peter Singer or Morrissey to explain. Something like — we wouldn’t want to make our world even more horrible than it already is?

I am a fan of Brian Eno - especially his work with David Bowie, but also his solo albums (particularly Another Green World and Here Come the Warm Jets).

Animals tend to not torture other animals under inhumane conditions, kill their babies if they have the “wrong” sex etc. (But I am not completely surprised you don’t see a connection…)

Comparing cafo and similar human inventions with infanticide misses the point to put it friendly

Cena. Take out / delivery Mexican vegan place that appears at Smorgasburg on Sundays. They make all of their vegan “meats” from scratch. We tried a “barbacoa” burrito, with beans, rice, and (we believe) marinated yuba. It is pictured with a couple of “carne asada” (seitan, we believe) tacos in homemade corn tortillas.

Peony: The burrito is finely made and tastes very high quality and fresh. I enjoyed it a lot!

Warrior: This is the best of the vegan burritos so far! The barbacoa is delicious, and the rice and beans are delicious too. The chef has a good palate: this is high quality cooking. My only complaint is I wish the tortilla were more al dente; it is a little too soft for my tastes. Beyond the burrito, everything we ordered from Cena was high quality. Their homemade “meats” are superior to the commercial soy meats used by other restaurants. We will definitely order again!

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out of the various vegan taco establishments, i think Todo Verde makes the best vegan versions of traditionally non-vegan dishes (carnitas, birria, etc.). i dont think theyve ever sold a burrito, but if you roll a taco, arguably it is a burrito? or maybe the terminology is not transitive…

el cocinero ( also makes pretty good vegan ‘meats’, as does pachataco (, and both of them make actual burritos


Thank you for the info! We will be on the lookout! Todo Verde looks amazing. Are they still serving food anywhere? It seems a little much for Peony and I to order catering for just the two of us.

Any categorical statement about Mexican food is probably wrong, but burritos are made with flour tortillas. You can’t roll a corn tortilla into a packet.

Tribal Cafe. Vegan BIOFUEL NOW OR NEVER burrito. (Yes, that is the name.) $17. (Yes, that is the price.) This is the first burrito thus far with lots of veggies (broccoli, squash, spinach) in addition to beans, brown rice, quinoa, and avocado. It ranks in my bottom half of vegan burritos, though I like it and appreciate the veggies.

Flore (Echo Park). Flore Burrito ($15). Flore is a fully vegan restaurant.

Peony: The burrito tastes light and healthy. I personally would like a bit more flavor and a little bit more texture.

Warrior: Beans, rice, tempeh. This burrito is rather bland. It has a soggy tortilla and doesn’t come together well as a cohesive whole. It is not bad, but it is in the bottom quartile of vegan burritos thus far. I’m not a big fan of Flore.

Little Llama. Shiitake saltado burrito. $16. Very good, top quartile! I love the flavor of the cilantro rice. Little Llama does a good job with everything and is one of the little gems of the DTLA dining scene.

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Jackfruit Cafe.

Birria jackfruit burrito ($15). I put this burrito in the middle of the pack. It is well-constructed and uses quality ingredients. The jackfruit adds something distinctive. But I find the slaw too vinegary and distracting. I don’t want salad in my burrito.

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Restaurante Tierra Caliente (Cypress Park). $8.50 “burrito de vegetales.” Not good. Lettuce doesn’t belong in a burrito IMO. This tastes half like a decent burrito and half like a bad salad. The menu says it contains avocado, but I don’t see any.

Jewel. Silver Lake ish. Mostly vegan but they do serve eggs.

Breakfast burrito with tempeh and avocado.

Peony: it’s tasty. I like it. It has the right balance of texture and flavor. Doesn’t taste Mexican though.

Warrior: I think the burrito is good quality and created with care. But I find the flavors too light and boring. I’d put this in the bottom half of vegan burritos thus far, which speaks to the strength of LA’s vegan burrito scene.

Added bonus: “carrot lox” toast.

Peony: Light and refreshing. Reminded me of Redbird-style New American breakfast.

Warrior: I like the carrot lox toast a lot. This is worth seeking out. It may be the best dish at Jewel.

Special added bonus: homemade soy milk from Peony.

Warrior: Divine!

Peony: We saved up for a while and final updated our 7+ year old soy milk machine to the top of the line of Joyoung soy milk machines. We are just so happy with the new model! We stopped making soy milk for quite some time because filtering soy milk and washing the machine were so time consuming. Now the new model has updated its grinding power (up to 35,000 rpm) to break down the beans very very finely (on the product website they claim it’s powerful enough to break the cell wall - which is a good thing to help release all the good stuff inside the plant cells). So filtering is not necessary plus the taste and aroma are better preserved without filtering. The new auto wash function is also a dream, too!