We compared the food courts at Costco and Sam's Club, and the winner is crystal

Sorry @wienermobile

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I suppose Costco’s acai fruit bowls are vegan, but most of the calories come from sugar.

For me the saddest part of your photo is that dang Pepsi…and it’s been a long, long time since they switched from Coke. I’m a native Atlantan and, yes, I can taste the difference and WILL NOT drink Pepsi…EVER. Blech. So I get the dog and just drink water.

Thanks :tired_face:


My hubby missed it so, that I finally picked up turkey kielbasa, cut it into bun lengths, boiled it, put it into buns with condiments and tad da! Food.

(As I don’t eat red meat any more, and we can’t get the Johnsonville turkey links in our hood, I had to make my own. http://www.johnsonville.com/products/smoked-turkey-sausage.html)

Thankfully for me? My husband is willing to pretend that turkey kielbasa is close to pork kielbasa. And hey, it’s better for him : )


The Marina Del Rey costco no longer offers a polish dog. That’s probably a good thing since I preferred that over the hot dog.


I’m looking forward to the burger which I believe may be ‘out’ in some locations. We’re in Seattle right now so perhaps we’ll find it. That Polish IS awfully tasty.

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If you want to save The Polish you can write Costco at

Corporate Mailing Address
PO Box 34331
Seattle, WA 98124

They do not take E-mails.

Wouldn’t this work?


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Save The Polish!!!

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I’ll give it a try!!!

Knock yourself out, but based on Costco’s indifference to the protests when they switched from Hebrew National Hot Dogs to their own brand in the food court 10 years ago, it seems when they make a change they stay with it.

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Well, there is a difference between swapping out a product for your own brand and dumping one altogether. The Polish is really the only thing we eat there…which we don’t usually do anyway.

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The one we go to in Seattle no longer has it and nothing new has been added.

They have added what we’ve started seeing in fast food places where you enter your order at stations away from the counter. I didn’t check it out but guessing you can pay there also.

For anyone who does Weight Watchers (ok, I do, I admit it), here is a few items and their Weight Watchers points: (on my plan, I get 23pts for an entire day).
Costco Slice Pepperoni Pizza: 22pts
Costco Cesar Salad with croutons: 17pts
Costco Yogurt: 21pts
Costco Churro: 19pts
Costco Turkey Wrap: 23pts
Costco Hotdog with soda: 42pts
And the winner is the newly removed item:
Polish Suasage: 43pts!

I know, I know, I have no business going to Costco anyway, with their ginormous sizes of everything, but I used to enjoy the the Hebrew National Hot Dog (the Costco brand not so much - a Nathan’s hotdog would be so much better), and now possibly the Acai bowl, but with the 1 serving of yogurt almost an entire day of points, I’m not so sure…

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They still sell the Hebrew National dog but back in the refrigerated section :slight_smile:

I just had a newsletter from the Seattle Times affirming that the Polish isn’t coming back :frowning: