We compared the food courts at Costco and Sam's Club, and the winner is crystal

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Costco’s pepperoni pizza is delicious, and that is a hill that I’m willing to die on.


Pepperoni is a very good value. I lean toward the seafood pizza myself. :wink:


How does one leave Costco without a dog and drink?? All Pork dog, that is.


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I like everything at the Costco foodcourt.

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Oh man, it’s definitely a guilty pleasure for me. And the prices for the whole pizza is ridiculous. It’s great value to pick up a few of those if the occasion calls for having several whole pizzas at a budget but you want to avoid Lil Ceasars or similar places like that.

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Dat Costco Hot Dog Burps

Dat Costco Pizza leftovers in fridge

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If they only served Coke and not Pepsi products, it’d be perfect.

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It’s forgivable because now I can get a burger and açaí bowl.

FTC Confession: Sometimes I will order a hot dog at Costco, load it up with relish, mustard and sweet onion, then take a bite or two, then throw the rest away. It is so intense. I really, really like it, though. I do this with hotdogs at baseball stadiums also.

Confession back at you -

I love the leftover bun bits you have after you’ve eaten the dog, with the trace mustard/relish/onion bits. Love it so much that, now that my husband is eating all the bun bits, no leftovers and they won’t sell me just the bun (I asked), this week I went and, after getting the hubby hot dog? Ordered a dog and drink. Removed the dog, but added condiments as if there was a dog there and then? Ate it.

Glad I did it, so I know but sad to say - not the same without that hint of hot dog. :nerd_face:

Still, it wasn’t awful and as I’d gotten a frozen yogurt to to share with my husband (after he ate his hot dog- it was a fun and filling lunch for under $5 for the both of us.

Plus, now that they are doing the acai bowl, they are using a different vanilla yogurt and it is better. I mourn the loss of chocolate yogurt but at least the vanilla is improved.

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Couldn’t stop thinking about the costco food court. Then couldn’t stop feeling the costco hot dog in my stomach. Oof.

Going in, I was all set for a piece of pizza, but the dang things are 800 cal wtf

President_Mochi -

Same thing happened here. I was really craving pizza, thought I’d nab a slice and then? Saw that a cheese slice was 700 calories. 700?! How do they get all that in one (granted, big) slice?

So that was the impetus of “Fine, today is the day I do my hot dog without the dog test.”


By the way, you should go and copyright “hint of hotdog” STAT.


That Costco hot dog or Polish sausage is a guilty pleasure of mine.

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If you chew fast and swallow quickly it’s closer to 500 calories. Just FYI.

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Breaks down as roughly:

28 g fat = ~252 cals
70 g carbohydrates ~280
44 g protein ~176

Thickish crust and lots of cheese = relatively high-cal pizza.

Robert - thank you!

That DOES help me to understand it. Not love it, but, understand.

(Sometimes I just need things spelled out…!)

Oh if only.

I was a fiend for the ends, or when my son was tired of his hotdog at a baseball game, I would take out the meat and eat the “trace”, etc.

That really is a great term. It works for burgers, ruebens, and steak sandwiches. Also, beef noodle soup: remove beef, enjoy!

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Polish Dog is gone from Costco in my area! How do I get them back?FullSizeRender%20(1)