Weird experience at Luv2Eat Thai

This past weekend, a friend and I decided to check out Luv2Eat Thai on Sunset. We’d heard, as many others have, of the authentic Thai food and wanted to give it a shot.

Saturday night, the place is packed. We managed to get a table for two and put our orders in. I asked for the phuket style fish curry kanomjean, the second item on the menu and the cousin to the crab curry that is talked about on a million blogs lately.

“We’re out, sorry,” said the waiter, to which I said, ah dang and ordered the tai pla curry instead. The waiter gave me a look and said, “That’s very spicy.” I could tell it was spicy because it had a pepper next to the name. I said, “Yeah, I can see that…” After two minutes of him trying to dissuade me I asked what he would recommend and he shrugged and didn’t really offer me any alternatives. I said I’d stick with the tai pla.

My friend ordered a noodle dish. When our food came, we were given forks and knives. My friend pointed out that everyone else had chopsticks.

Then the same waiter began helping another table nearby. The man, an Asian man, ordered the fish curry that I had tried to order and the waiter took his order and walked away… I suppose the fish curry was only unavailable to the two white guys sitting there wondering why we were using forks and everyone else had chopsticks.

Finally, finishing up, I asked for a to go box as I had finished about half and wanted the rest for later. The waiter asked how I liked it and I said it was good! I really liked it. It was very spicy but I love spicy foods. He looked at me with a smirk and said, “Okay” and a thumbs up, as if to say, “Sure you did.”

We left thinking what a lame experience it was because of how we were treated.

Yikes. I wouldn’t take any shit like that from people. :slight_smile:

Can’t say I shared any of that on my 3 visits with very white coworkers and family

It was my first (and probably last) trip, unfortunately. Maybe it was because they were busy and they seemed rather agitated. Our waiter was a young guy, not the older couple that is often cited in reviews.

thai restaurants, in my experience, usually give you a fork and spoon unless
there are noodles involved.


yep… the chopsticks thing isn’t necessarily an insult… also some testy FOB peeps can be a bit dramatic. (i was fob once so i can say that). just take cultural differences with a grain of soy sauce and you may have to get tough with them…

Aren’t chopsticks and soup spoons sitting on the spice tray at the tables already? When I went this weekend that was the case.

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Maybe, not at our table though. Honestly it probably just felt like a slight because of the other issues.

That’s fair. If it’s any consolation I’ve also been questioned heavily when ordering the crab curry, to the extent that when my waiter left after taking my order, a chef then came out of the kitchen to double confirm it. I imagine they’ve been burned (no pun intended) enough times by gringos ordering spicy food and then sending it back that they find it necessary to provide emphatic warnings.

As for not allowing you to order a dish that was apparently available, that’s inexcusable.

Hi @notthesea,

Bummer to hear about your experience. I’d say it’s worth calling back and asking to speak with the owner / manager. In the 3 times I’ve been, we were served by the older lady (nice and friendly).

In addition, though, the chopsticks thing isn’t an insult. I have a friend who’s Thai (born in Thailand) and he told me they normally just use fork and knife. Chopsticks aren’t a 100% norm like it is for Chinese or Japanese.

See, that was your problem. Trust me, you don’t even want to know what “ah dang” means in Thai

(I’m joking, that’s too bad you got whited. Happened to me before too.)

Ha ha, I mean, I’d like to believe that was the case…

I must’ve missed it.

What was weird about your experience?


I have eaten there many times. There has never been any Asians eating with me. All the wait people I have had were young and friendly. They generally ask how spicy to make the food because I believe they have had experiences with people sending back orders because the heat was too much.

My experience there is that, for example, asking for a dish to be medium hot will result in a dish which is much hotter than a medium request at all other Thai restaurants I have been to in LA. Medium here is hot…

Fork + spoon = actual thai utensils.


There is a special place in hell for people who do such things. May their eyes cry chili-pepper tears for all eternity.


Oh… Ipse!!!

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Cam the Man (formerly, the Chowpup) has evolved a complex theory as to ordering appropriately spicy food in Thai restaurants if you’re not actually ordering in Thai (which he now does): he is convinced, that if the first gringo to order asks repeatedly that the dishes he orders be “spicy”, and then the gringo asking for “mild or medium” orders only AFTER that, it will result in Gringo #1 getting far closer to what he wants than if the waiter takes the order the other way around; i.e., each successive “gringoized” part of the order tones down ANY food ordered after it.

I always knew it is so hard being white. So, so hard.

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Farang fo’ life…

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I actually agree w/ this, although I have no objective evidence to suggest why this is the case. I think it may be that, if Gringo #1 orders first, he gives the impression that he is experienced w/ the “exotic” food and is bringing along the rest of the folks to show them what it’s about (which is why they order “mild” and why Gringo #1’s ability to tolerate “hot” can be trusted).

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