Well lighted Korean in LA

Please don’t go away just because this is about “KOREAN”. I have two good friends/dinner companions who have very limited eyesight (like 20/200 in one eye, none in the other) so we go to restaurants which have pretty bright lights (or at least a table or two with good down lighting at the table. But we can’t find any Korean places, even AYCE much less something a little better, that isn’t too dark. Any suggestions would allow us to vary our diet, thanks.

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If you’re close to Culver City, Hanjip has a big ol’ wall of windows at the front and is extremely well-lit during the day.

picture from their website

Here’s an FTC thread with some food pics and write-ups: http://foodtalkcentral.com/t/hanjip-culver-city-the-east-is-west-ii/1671/21

3829 Main St
Culver City, CA 90232
(323) 720-8804


Park’s is pretty well lit

From the yelps


Seoul Sausage


Park’s has reasonably bright lights above the tables. Are you open to Korean besides bbq? Soban has very bright lighting.


Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong on Third has been pretty well lit every time I’ve gone. Fair amount of sunlight coming through the windows during lunch as well.

Thank you all. Went to Magal and it worked. Will try the others too, though Parks has always seemed just a little bit too dark for the others. Again, thanks, never knew of some of these places.