Westside Meat delivery

Found this place. Low free delivery minimum for the zip codes noted. They’re also in Gardena for easy pickup.

I like that the package sizes are on the small side unlike a lot of wholesalers. Prices are pretty good too.You ballers can let the rest of us know how the Wagyu and caviar stack up. I’ve gotten one order and the quality was good. Everything was frozen individually.

In my order was some pork rib tips. I did a low and slow and they came out really nice. The pork shoulder and center cut pork chops were nice balance of meat and fat, solid quality. I’ve going to do the burgers and rope sausage tonight. I did not get any of the pre-cooked bbq though.

I might try the other sausages and pork belly with my next order, definitely getting some more pork and trying the different seafood. The guy did say the Mangalitsa pork chops tend to run out as he only gets a limited supply in.



Interesting. That’s the same spot I picked up some stuff from Jeff Bovon/J&J (shares space with a seafood purveyor), and some of the stuff is the same as what he was offering at around the same prices.

That is interesting! How do the prices compare for the similar items? Does Jeff Bovon/J&J have a similar site for ordering?

Prices are basically the same, as I remember. You can find him on Facebook (Jeff Bovon), and he releases a price list every week (around Tuesday).

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Now that I’ve had a chance to look at Bovon’s page, I do vaguely recall someone posting about this right at the start of lockdown. I ended up passing since the order packages were just too big for my storage availability.

But yeah, some nice stuff and prices seem good. Placing the link here for easy reference
J&J Facebook page

PNN UI is definitely much friendler for reviewing products, prices and order, also allowing credit cards

I’ve ordered from him before. Really solid purveyor.


Ahh! That must have been the thread I was thinking of. About the time frame I was thinking of also too.

Assuming both places are sourcing from the same supplier. How does PnN’s $50 for a 10 pc tray compare in your opinion? I have no experience buying trays like that.

I have ordered from Jeff Bovon 4-5 times since quarantine started. Agree he is a solid purveyor. His prices are great. I’m curious what P&N’s relationship is with Bovon/J&J, if any.

Yeah, it’s be interesting to know if there is one. The only thing in common that’s easily discerned is the same address which seems to have several other similar companies leasing space. When I picked up from PnN previously, I saw several other company signs.

The way Bovon and PnN operate look to be different too. PnN has a dedicated site with a standard cart and lower minimums targeted more for regular households. Bovon/J&J, near as I can tell work a little looser with calling in direct and larger packages and their site has no easy way to order and pay with cc. They seemed to stay geared with the same customer base as pre-pandemic.

I’d guess they probably use some of the same sources, but they certainly act like different companies.

I had an PnN order delivered earlier this week and chatted with the owner briefly and asked about his sourcing. FWIW, he said he works with smaller sustainable producers. The example he gave was how tough it was to get the mangalisa pork chops since he gets them from a couple who owns a small farm and only slaughters a small number at a time @TheCookie since you had mentioned pork sourcing before,

Anyway, can’t speak to the rest of his sourcing since it was a brief chat and no way to vet the story, but thought it was worth passing along for the anecdote…


Bovon will send you his current menu/price list if you email him. He takes orders only by email now, as far as I know, and takes payment via Venmo. I think he will do free delivery for orders of $200+.

Interesting. I have no idea where Bovon sources his product. I should ask him, as well as P&N. I’m curious where their beef comes from. I don’t suppose P&N told you which small farm he sources from for the mangalisa?

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Right, but it’s still not anywhere near as customer friendly as the PnN site with their standard menu and cart system, along with allowing cc payment. I can go on the site at any time of the day look at what interests me and their current pricing without the hassle of contacting, waiting for a list, etc.

I also fall in the free delivery zone for PnN with only a $50 min. PnN also does a wider free delivery for $200 min.

No, I didn’t ask since the answer would’t have meant anything to me. I did mention to him that other sites I’ve looked at mention sourcing so who knows if he’ll add it to his site in the future.

When I mentioned I appreciated how his site was customer friendly for small households, he said it was a conscious decision on his part to adapt to current conditions. Said he knew with small households and maybe less tech inclined older customers he needed to make it easy.

Bovon/J&J’s stuff looks good, his quantity minimums are just too much for our household. If I had the freezer space, I’d be more tempted by some of his package deals. Looks like some good variety of quality products at a good price. In the end, if they both survive catering to different customer bases even using similar sourcing, then it’s a win for everyone.

Lord knows, for many businesses, that’s all their trying to do, survive until we can get back to normal business operations.

Thanks for chiming in and sharing your J&J experience!

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No disagreement there! I was just putting my experience out there so folks reading this could see some more recent information.

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It’s appreciated! Especially for someone like me who would be interested but just don’t have the storage capacity for the package deals he has.

So I finally got around to ordering from P&N and asked Neil during delivery if he knew Jeff (due to their shared address) and he said they’re related by marriage, so they definitely have a relationship (haha). He also said they have mostly different supply lines and are two separate entities, and that he comes from a much larger food manufacturing background versus the restaurant industry like Jeff. The mangalitsa is available now if you’re interested - picked up a few collars and chops and looking forward to seeing how they turn out. He’s very close and convenient. Attaching a picture of my order in case anyone is interested in what the goods look like.


thanks for the intel. As a bonus they actually consider my location near Palmdale “greater Los Angeles” so I’m eligible for free delivery for a mere $200 minimum.


Cool! Thanks for the info. Would love to hear what you think of the mangalitsa. I better put in an order while they’re still available. The collar looks really good!

Whut??!!! That’s insane! From south bay to Palmdale is over a 3 hour roundtrip without traffic.

Besides, I thought after Paul George’s change of mind in returning to OKC a couple of years ago, Palmdale was no longer considered LA? :wink: :joy:

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yeah color me surprised. I expected the $400 min to be ok but $200 min? htf does this guy make money.

these seafood prices look pretty amazing from here

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Wonder if he really took a good look at the map before that decision was made.

Yeah, I’m planning on getting some poke and different fish fillets next order.