What are the most recent "must go" places in SF right now?

I spent a lot of time in SF earlier this year, and have been up a few times since (last in July). I’ve got reservations at Saison for their last seating at their chef’s counter (apparently they’re converting it into a private event space after December 19th, or so they have said over email). And reservations at Californios on the 18th.

Am looking for perhaps some other things to fill in though.

Other than these two places I’m wondering if I am missing anything else that is incredible right now?

Glancing about it seems like 1601 might be really interesting to try, and there’s something about the Spaghetti Bros that sounds oddly good.

Is Aatxe any good? Little Italy? Lord Stanely? Trestle?

Oh, you know, I’ve never made it to Commonwealth, and it finally got a michelin star, does that mean it’s a good time to go? Or the opposite?

I am totally disconnected from the street food scene…but it would be nice to figure out some stuff to eat. Does Rice Paper Scissors have a B&M now? Tango & Stache?

Is the Sir & Star Worth a drive out to Olema?


Commonwealth is good and by local standards quite reasonably priced for that kind of thing.

I wouldn’t drive to Olema and back to eat at Sir & Star, but if you can spend the night I think it’s worth the trip.

How about Burmese Kitchen?

Californios tops my list. You have it on your calendar for the 18th.
3115 22nd St
San Francisco, CA 94110

Eh, I’m from LA, we have to drive an hour each way just to get the best new tacos in town, so that drive doesn’t bother me much.

Out of curiosity, how much does a night at the inn cost though?

Is Burmese Kitchen like gentrified (read: uses higher ingredients + costs a bit more than traditional) Burmese food?

Is the opinion that pretty much all of the places I mentioned like 1601, Spaghetti Bros, and Aatxe are all just the latest in hype?

Is All Spice any good since it transplanted into SF? I was really hoping their place game would survive, but looks like it couldn’t last.

Burmese Kitchen is traditional but the owner is very picky about his ingredients, for example he uses a higher quality lahpet than some other places.

We stayed at the Olema Cottages which are right next door to Sir & Star. I don’t know what the deal is with the rooms at the Olema, I haven’t seen any reports from people who stayed there.

Ah ok.

Is it correct to surmise that they sell the large format dishes like goat leg only on Saturday nights?

Dunno. Call and ask.