What does this mean for Sergio?

Inglewood’s Prized Coni’Seafood Takes Over Mariscos Chente in Del Rey

I assume the Del Rey Coni’s refereed to is the Centinela branch Sergio has been cooking recently. Mr. Ezparza takes pains, it would seem, to avoid any mention of the Maestro of Mariscos.

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In other news, the steak at Stinking Rose is once again best in the city.


How is it prepare ?

Lots of garlic ?

Was there ever a time it wasn’t?

Hi @CiaoBob,

Sad news (and I agree it’s very suspicious / weird that the person who once raved and touted Sergio’s cooking suddenly has shut him out of any mention).

My friend called Mariscos Chente and found out Sergio is no longer going to be cooking there; I hope he reconsiders. :frowning:

Relationships come and go. It’s business.:smiling_imp: