"What Is This?" It's Israel. And California. And Delicious. - Mh Zh Restaurant [Thoughts + Pics]



Mh Zh’s food is great and I find the prices to be very reasonable.
However, their over the top hipsterness and server attitude is definitely off putting. I asked the waitress if one of my dishes contained yogurt and in the most pretentious way possible she said “absolutely not! that is labneh…”

In my head I thought isn’t labneh just yogurt :man_shrugging:


The KROQ holy triumvirate…



In general I feel like servers in LA are bizarrely uninformed, but that really takes the cake!

Did you ask, “ohh, what is labneh exactly?” haha

I should’ve but I was just kinda dumbfounded by the response


Easy enough to understand.

It’s rather befuddling because how could the server know what labneh is, and also not know that it is yogurt? Or was she just literally reading off the menu and had no idea what it was at all?

Hi @hungryhungryhippos,

We were lucky with our servers (no attitude), and one of them was quite knowledgeable (explaining some of the ingredients, what was in the Skhug / Zhoug sauce, etc.). Sorry to hear about the server you got.

One of my dear friends has a dairy allergy. When dining with her I’ve run into a few servers at various restaurants who thought mayo was dairy. :smile:


Everyone seems to talk about how delicious those roasted potatoes are. I can’t imagine how some roasted potatoes with some lemon can be that good. I’ll have to try them.

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I’ve been dairy free for a few months now, as we no longer get along. I was at an Italian restaurant with a couple friends and let the server know I needed to avoid milk products, and if she could bring me a side of olive oil with our bread and ricotta appetizer so I could dip the bread in the oil instead of eating the ricotta. I ordered a butternut squash sauced pasta described as roasted butternut squash and browned butter sauce. When it came out, the sauce was pretty loose and pale and creamy looking. I stopped the server as she walked by and said “hi, is there cream in this sauce?” she says yes. I said “um, I mentioned that I needed to avoid milk products.”

Her response: “Oh, it’s not milk though, it’s cream.”



Great pics and report as always.
Do the take reservations?
I tired to go wit @kevin one time and they had a licence issue and were closed that night.

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Am I mistaken, or is brown butter not also a dairy product? Does browning the butter reduce the lactose content somehow?

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Hi @CiaoBob,

Thanks. :slight_smile: No reservations, because they have no phone # or website. :sweat_smile: It’s just first come, first serve.

Reminds me of the time my vegetarian friend ordered fake shrimp at a restaurant and got served real shrimp. When we asked the server about it, she literally just said, “Oh, oops” and that was it. Argh.


Lovely comment in yelp:

The place is super small and there’s only a bar with maybe 5 seats available. The rest of the seats are literally on the street, along electric boxes, within trees, on the hill parallel to the restaurant. The chairs aren’t chairs…they’re actually crates from grocery stores. It’s so hipster is disgusting actually.

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It’s lacto-free labneh.

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I’ve found small quantities of butter and hard cheese like Parmesan do not bother me. Cream, milk, yogurt and most other cheese do bother me. I’ve been going through trial and error for the better part of this year.

I’m pretty sure I would hate this place.