What Market has a wide variety of Mushrooms?

oyster, lobster, lion’s mane etc…

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Lions mane is going to be Whole Foods.

Otherwise, my favorite place to get mushrooms is Korean Markets. Especially for Oyster (King, Mini, Fancy) and Japanese varieties.


What’s a good market close to MidCity?

The new Whole Foods on La Cienega and Jefferson. Also, you may be surprised by the variety they carry at Sprouts on La Brea and San Vincente.

Well I saw mushroom head.

Most farmer’s market has mushroom vendors. Cerritos and Long Beach both have a mushroom vendor weekly selling oyster and lion’s mane mushrooms. I think there’s more but I’m never weekly enough to see the selection.

that Japanese market off Venice Blvd. has a big assortment. They had lobster mushrooms. they were very expensive. Do they taste like lobster?

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the good ones do indeed!

Hollywood FM

Just got back from the farmers market on Melrose Place. Amazing selection of mushrooms

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Whole Foods has a pretty good variety. This was the Brea location so I can imagine equal or better quality in LA.

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