What meats are better than boars head?

and where to buy? BH is too salty.

Here is a link to Epicurus Gourmet’s latest instock list, http://nebula.wsimg.com/62572deb5c8cf86563eee1882711cf3a?AccessKeyId=F5C43E4F1D6151BEB1F2&disposition=0&alloworigin=1. Its deep valley however, but they have a great selection of cheeses as well.

I don’t know if they’re good or not good. Safeway recently started carrying them here (Tahoe) and they’re $12/#! That’s just ridiculous in my opinion.

it depends on what you want…

Whole Foods makes their own roast beef which is very good. They also make some turkey but more often than not, it’s dry so ask for a sample before you commit.

Monsieur Marcels carries the most wonderful French Ham. Gelsons used to… but they stopped.

For cured meats, Pasta Sisters is my go to. They import some wonderful stuff.


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this is why Boars Head works for most people - because you can get it anywhere and don’t need to travel 50 minutes to some obscure hole in the wall to buy cured meats.

Because dammit, the boy needs sandwich turkey to pack school lunch tomorrow. :wink:

Whole Foods carries a bunch of different products but you are going to pay much more.

Applegate has organic and uncured meats. I don’t think they are as salty as BH but also not as tasty.

Most WF carry Creminelli salami, sopresatta and proscuitto. This stuff is very good but again very expensive. These are in the case near prepared foods and sliced to order.

Most WF have La Quercia speck, proscuitto, salami and other cold cuts. These are sliced and pre-packaged near the cheese sections.

It just annoyed me when Safeway switched (can’t remember the previous brand) and the price went from $8 to $12/#.

Contact them via the phone number listed on their website. Give them a call and they’ll find locations in your zip code.

How much is very expensive?

When I was his age, I had to walk barefoot through 3 miles of snow to the general store…:wink:

Really though - Hormel or Oscar Mayer. Buddig when it was on sale. And I’m still alive - barely… :dizzy_face:

Bristol Farms carries a decent selection. And sample away. I stood in line one time and watched a person sample at least a dozen different cold cuts.

Gjusta has a limited selection of sandwich meats but it’s all either made in-house or is carried aloft on the wings of food fairies to their counter; I.e., my son gets turkey from TJ or Costco because he eats like a hyena.


The sliced Creminelli meats are generally in the $16 to $19 per pound range IIRC.

I don’t remember how much the La Quercia and Applegate stuff is since it’s prepackaged. But I think if you priced them out by pound you’d be looking at around $15+ for Applegate and $20+ for La Quercia.

You forgot to mention that it was uphill. Both ways.


Three miles!!! That’s nothing…we used to walk ten through Michigan snow and wind…my dad did buy great salami and fresh baked Greek and pumpernickel bread. He would ride home on his bike so fast it was still hot enough to melt butter.
That said I do recommend Epicurus for great charcuterie. Go on Saturday when they sample cheese, meats and wine. Great people!


Get a nice light baguette somewhere, I prefer the ones at C’est Si Bon in Newport Beach.

Then, get some porchetta, sopressata, and mortadella, about a 1/2 pound each along with a 1/2 pound of sliced mozzarella cheese. The mozzarella is in the pre cut cheese area already packaged.

Proceed to slice the entire baguette in half long ways. Drizzle with a good olive oil and dust with fresh ground black pepper. Splash some red wine vinegar if you like, but I prefer it without. Then shingle the meats on the bread followed by the cheese.

Turn on Lakers.

Open beer from Monkish. Gulp.

Cut sandwiches into meal sized portions, YMMV.

More gulps of beer.

Eat sandwich.

Repeat last two steps.


The in-house deli meats from Urban Radish.

Monkish this… Monkish that… keep rubbin’ in that Monkish. And I’m literally sitting here with my low-brow Pliney. :money_mouth_face::beers:

Team Vermont Hazy IPA :facepunch:

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My father complained about “icicles in his armpits.”

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Team CA Super Silver Haze