What to make with already cooked chicken?

That’s not enchildas or tacos?

Chicken and dumplings, pot pies, lots of soups, chicken salad

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Chinese cold sesame noodles.


Chop up green onions, ginger, garlic.

Warm up some oil. Put the above in the warm oil. Season with salt. A pinch of sugar is optional.

Put chicken over rice and use the above mixture to flavor chicken.

A big pot of stew…mire poix, canned tomatoes, any other vegetables and herbs you want, water and stock.

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I’ve never had a chicken enchilada or taco :slight_smile: How about chicken salad? Chicken sandwiches? (We’ve even made a Cobb salad sandwich.)

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I had salad tonight. Was thinking about pot pie. Chicken enchiladas are amazing.

Recipe please.

I’m not really an enchilada fan but for tacos I’m more like chicharron or perhaps lingua.

I don’t believe in, much less use, recipes.

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I hate the term but I’m thinking “Google is your friend” in this instance is appropriate.

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Cook noodles, shock them.

Thin slice carrots and cucumbers.

Egg “skin” optional.

Mix to taste…sesame paste, a little peanut butter, a little soy, and vinegar.

Add it together and mix.


Going to make something tonight. Probably enchiladas. lol
Will report back.

Chicken salad with homemade mayonnaise, celery, and fresh tarragon.

You forgot the dried cranberries.

My chicken salad is nothing but mayo, a tiny bit of mustard and s&p. Oh, and tarragon also when it’s ‘producing.’

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When I was making Enchiladas Suizas every time I had an excuse to, the “Magic Chicken” at the little supermarket up the street quickly became the indispensable ingredient. Shredded chicken, sour cream (now I would use Crema), chopped green onion, chopped (canned) green chiles and cilantro all mixed together; ten flour tortillas cooked in dry skillet abt 10 seconds per side, brushed both sides with canned enchilada sauce and stacked. Use slotted spoon to dip filling into each tortilla, then roll up and place in 9"x 12" or so pan – they should JUST fit, well packed. Pour remaining sauce over all, top w/shredded cheese, about 30 min. in 350º oven, maybe less. This dish was my introduction to cilantro. Yes, first bite was “Yuck, soap!” but then I took another, and was forever hooked.


THIS! Drooling, WO.

It’s one of my favorite things, and to be honest I have never had a better version than the one I figured out. I’m probably prouder of this than that damn pork shoulder everyone’s on about …


And it was my girlfriend and eventually ex-wife (and still good friend) who cooked the first ones. Thanks, Judy!


Well, there’s certainly more involved with the enchiladas than “that damn pork shoulder” but it remains a family fave.