What's At Your Local Farmers Market? A Look At Fresh Veggies, Fruits, Meats, Nuts and More [Thoughts + Pics]

They’re not super sweet yet but the texture is there.

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Peaches aren’t usually great until June. I personally don’t think about them until after Apricots short season

But then I still don’t really think strawberries have hit peak season yet either

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Yeah Regier is only there Wednesday. You can definitely hold off on getting peaches right now as we’re still a ways away from peak season.

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Was surprised to see Harry’s strawberries at my local Albertsons yesterday. $15 a pack.

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That actually doesn’t seem like a half bad price…

Way better than the $20+ they charge at Bristol Farms.


For the Gaviotas? Not bad at all.

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Another thin and watery batch last week. I’m staying away from Harry’s for now.


They don’t grow in California, so legally they can’t be sold at a certified farmers market. Other wild alliums might show up.

I did see them the other week at Eataly ($30+/lb)

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Recently the strawberries from local Oceanside and Carlsbad farms have been very good. Finally got a vendor with some nice looking and tasting cherries (from somewhere north of Merced, surprising they came down to SD). Some SD local farms have got delicious tomatoes already.



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Torrance farmers market

Tamai strawberries very sweet

Ken’s top notch white peaches and nectarines looks like still early season. Good but not peak season sweet.

Cherry purveyor they were not bad but we love rainier cherries

Also bought some herbs from mr thao.

Arnett had plums and other stone fruit and I saw a few stands with pretty solid tomatoes