What's easier than grilling things over charcoal?

So a friend brought back masalas from India and it lead me to say fug Covid and finally pull out my bbq for an attempt of some tandoori over royal oak charcoal. Really pleased with the results.

Orig Farmers market chicken seasoned overnight

The friend got a care package delivered

Kid’s gringo version looked incredible. Fully rendered, crispy but not chewy skin was reported

And the lady added some fried up mushrooms and onion to the cauli purée and it made it 10 times better. Perfect chew contrasts


Stop it!!! I hate “dark meat”!!! LOL But I really do.

Not my kid, so I won’t make you eat it :slight_smile:


We got into our Armenian shenanigans again yesterday.

Lamb loola kebab from my secret source won the food battle again


Doing too much is my favourite thing


Saw friends for that first time in months and wanted hand held snacks so I thought Satay. I learned that it’s really hard to add enough brown sugar and I should have a glaze ready next time

Beef-round, pork-butt, Spicy skrimps and mackerel


So amazing!

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Do you debone your own mackerel? I think I’d like to use mackerel more but the bones are a little intense and the techniques I’ve used to try and get them out aren’t great. I mean, definitely my lack of skill is an issue but I’ve boned out other fish acceptably and mackerel always bums me out

It’s cut in half at the store with spine on one side. When grilled the whole bone spine separates and comes off effortlessly. Didn’t have bone issues

Gotcha, thanks!