What's good at Kay N Daves?


I’m addicted to a couple things there - the chicken taquitos (big chunks of chicken and strips of grilled green peppers and onion) served with a hunk of guacamole, it’s so good. Also, their fajita tostada salads are incredible, truly. There’s also a Lime Cilantro Chicken salad that’s light, and crisp and fresh – and great.

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Thank you. I was thinking of getting one of those three!


I pretty much agree except during happy hour. I’ll happily have the mini mole burritos, chimichanga and a margarita for around $10.

Admittedly I haven’t been in a while, but I had a family member who was a server there for a while during college, so we’d go a lot just to hang out, and the food got worse and worse over time. The last time I was there, it was clear the only thing of value left was alcohol; there was really no more cooking going on, just assembly of ingredients.

When the London cousins visit, they really like going to the Culver City location. They order burritos and chicken enchiladas and enjoy them very much. I nibble chips and move my salad around the plate.

Any “Mexican” place whose motto is Lardless Regardless doesn’t cut it for me. The kids were quite fond of it when they were younger.

I understand. Going for a party tonight. I’ll report back.

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Just reporting back, After getting there I realized I had eaten there before. It was so-so. I did get the taquitos, which got soggy real quick. I was annoyed I had to get the guac separate. The salsa was very vinegary.

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I’m curious. I’ve not been anywhere where anything other than a dollop of guac is served gratis, i.e. on a plate with rice, beans, etc. When it’s a true side there’s always a charge.

But the guac is always included, and mine never go soggy. Which location? I only go to 26th Street.

Culver city.

the margaritas.

last time i went,
they still juiced the limes themselves daily,
they had a good selection of upscale tequilas,
they would make it however you wanted it (i.e. i don’t like sugar syrup at all and i prefer just a smudge of cointreau)
their prices were reasonable
the size of their pour was reasonable.