What's good in Long Beach or nearby?

I’ll be attending a conference at the end of the month, and staying at the Hyatt Regency next to the convention center. Looking for four or so dinners (one would be at 10 PM). I like fish, comfort food, Indian, Chinese, and Thai. Open to other things, but not too adventurous. Simple dishes prepared well, are my preference. No high-end, please. I’ve been to Beechwood BBQ on a prior trip and was less than impressed, so if that’s all LB has in the way of BBQ, I’ll just skip it.

I’ll have a car, but would prefer not to travel more than a town or so away. Looking at the map, I see a lot of chains within walking distance, but not much else. Is Gladstone’s any good?


BBQ wise Big Mistas near the Long Beach Airport (either Morning Wood or BBQ) or Bludsoes in nearby Compton are maybe the best we have in LA.,
Jongwaard’s Bake N Broil for lemon lush pie with a burger, chicken pot pies
For breakfast or lunch, try The Pan for pancakes, French toast.
For simple fresh seafood, Berth 55. Very casual.
Take out only, 5000 Pies for Chicago style pizza, and sweet pies to boot.
Santa Fe Importers for meatball sandwiches

Pier 76 Fish and Grill is within walking distance, sorta. Descent fish taco, etc. Michael’s Pizzeria and its Mothership, Michael’s On Naples, is worth considering.

Lola’s Mexican Cuisine or At Last Cafe may be good for lunch if you have enough time. About 10-15 minutes drive. Lola has good refined home cooked dishes. At Last is a local favorite, and you should make reservation. If you are in that neighborhood and want a good cup of coffee, try Rose Park Roasters. You may also want to consider The Attic; a bit more hip.

For an old fashion Italian cooking, try Cafe Gazelle in Belmont Shore. It’s kinda run down, but gives out a cozy vibe. Yeah the food is good too.

There is a healthy Cambodian and Laotian community in LB, but don’t know enough to make any solid recommendations.

Ballast Point and Beachwood Brewing & BBQ are close by each other but further to drive. There is a Beachwood in Downtown LB too.

Second on Jongewaard’s Bake n Broil for their cakes (Carrot, German Chocolate) and chicken pot pie. It’s a classic diner place.


Yes to Big Mista!

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Should check out Handy’s Smoked Meats in Bixby Knolls. It’s take out only, no seating. Perfect for back at the hotel or packing up something for the conference? The smoked lamb and duck were excellent last time I went.


…and with Long Beach Creamery right next door, you can do a bangbang*.


I recently went to Little La Lune in Long Beach. A small Cambodian/Thai joint. Family run. Good food, excellent service.

For something a little higher scale in food, you can try Restauration. Excellent food at a great value. Phillip Pretty from Fundamental LA is now helming the kitchen.



This might not go over well on this board, but I love the waffles at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. The chicken is good, too…but only with dashes on the hot sauce. But back to that waffle…it’s like crack. There are essences of nutmeg and cinnamon in it and it’s super crisp.

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Restauration and The Social List - neither are revelatory, but both very good.

Aji makes very very good Peruvian ceviche, and if you’ve never tried causas this is certainly not a bad place to start. But avoid the flourless chocolate cake, it’ll make you wish it had flour.

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Second Restauration. Ate there this week and the food was great. The only not great dish was the chicken which was overcooked.

One of the greatest dish pairings I’ve had all year was their Tomato Salad with Basil Sorbet with their Parmesan Churros.

Did not know Phillip was helming. It all makes sense now. Thanks for the info.

Is Little La Lune still only opened for lunch?

There is also Cheko El Rey Del Saradeado where Sergio Penuelas is currently in residence. Excellent Mexican Mariscos. Maybe some of the best in the Southland.

Little La Lune is open 8am-5pm.
They’ll be open a bit later in the evening within the next few months. Just not sure when, exactly.

Had forgotten about Cheko. Another great rec!