When will Gjusta finish their remodel and reopen?

Does anyone know? Went there for lunch yesterday and was turned away.

Interesting… almost went there for lunch myself yesterday. Glad I didn’t. This is the first I’ve heard they’re closing.

me too, thanks for the heads up. Hope it reopens soon. It really is one of those places I keep going back too despite the prices The value is always there for me.

Oh yikes!! I guess I’m not going this weekend. Damn

Was there a sign on the door?

I find nothing on Google except this thread. Some people have been trying to get the place shut down for violating its Certificate of Occupancy.

I was told a while back that they were going to do some remodeling and take the space next door in order to get their beer and wine license.

Well, that’s disheartening. I tried to go Sunday night, and they were just starting the remodel and were closed. I swear they told me they would reopen on the 28th, but since that was yesterday, now it seems it may be indefinite. It sucks that they won’t announce anything online about it.

I think it was open this morning but I can’t swear to it. I’ll check for sure tomorrow morning and report back (I’m across the street at Gold’s gym pretty much every morning). Of course, calling would be another way to confirm that …

I went inside the restaurant through the old side door in the parking lot, and workers were busy doing the remodel. I think it wlll be open for business on Mon, Feb 1.

In that case never mind - I must be mistaken that it was open this morning.

Hi All,

I just called Gjelina, and they said Gjusta was open today. I wonder if they’re done?

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