Where can I buy Black Salt?

that’s it. Someone told me it is off the chain. Never even heard of it. What do you use it for?

It’s used in Indian cooking. You can find it on Amazon or if you want to explore spices and such, go to an Indian grocery store.

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There is Hawaiian black salt as well. Someone gave us some in one of those salt collection gift boxes. To be honest I don’t think my taste buds are keen enough to tell the difference between it and regular sea salt.

What you’re talking about (lava-looking salt) is different. That tastes like normal salt.

I am certain you would recognize the difference between Indian black salt (very sulfurous) and regular salt.

Any Indian grocery store will have black salt. It certainly is flavorful!

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Indian black salt is what makes chaat masala smell sulfurous.

Hawaiian black salt is just sea salt with charcoal added to give it a dramatic color.

I saw some recently (before NYE) at Epicurus Gourmet.

They carry it at India Sweets & Spices on Los Feliz Blvd.

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thank you. welcome back sk8uno.