Where do you like to eat and drink during the Xmas holiday's?

Love going down to the Hotel Del decorations alone are gorgeous .
Having drinks , brunch on Sunday in the Crown Room or ice skating oceanfront.

Marine Room for drinks & apps in bar…high tide schedule is good to check out before hand.

George’s at the Cove for lunch on patio

Pony Room in the Ranch.

LA V Whaling Bar was a must every Xmas Eve with the LJ locals…damn, its gone.

Definitely Hotel Del, but not to drink nor eat. Just to look.

Along the same vein, Coasterra might be on the list this year. For the view of the harbor, if nothing else.

I was thinking about going down to Coasterra and grabbing a seat in the bar for the Parade of Lights, tho’ I think the bar at Tom Ham’s may have the better view advantage.

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We feel obligated to do MooTime Creamery, and end up doing the real meal at Leroy’s.

We really like hitting up various hotels during Christmas time if not on Christmas Day. There is something elegant about a glass of bubbly watching the ice skaters, the beach and surf at the Del. Aviara is also nice to stroll around with a glass, they usually have some nice Christmas tree displays. The Torrey Pines Lodge has that great fireplace and it is really festive at Christmas. Most hotels will let you walk around with a drink in your hand, if you are not too big of a jerk. Christmas dinner with the family always works better after a couple of glasses.

PS I almost forgot, we used to do the Christmas Eve thing in La Jolla as well, but as Plumeria said, it ain’t the same anymore at the La V. I am thinking we may try Eddie V’s for a drink upstairs.

We used to always participate, in the boat parade as a Xmas revelerar and you gotta get your spot early, whether its along the harbor, or, the prime restaurants… Maybe call Tom Ham’s, to see if they are taking reservations.

Have a great time DD!

The Whaling Bar on Xmas Eve was a lovely time to being with your neighbors, being festive and keep tradition alive…
So sad, what it has become.

Have you ice skated with your daughter yet?
Expensive but making memories…

How could I forget about my beloved Waterfront…:cupid:

A trip to the hospital would be required for me.

My daughter skates at UTC, and is pretty good. She’s looked at that ice at the Del the past few years and said “no way”.


The Pony Room in the Ranch
Red Tracton’s in Del Mar…