Where to buy grass fed beef in bulk?

Anyone know where I can get good prices on grassfed beef if I’m willing to buy in bulk?

Are you talking about having it shipped to you or should this be in a particular location? We’re in Reno and have a number of local ranchers around. I don’t know if they ship but I could check.

Check with Standings Butchery

If you’re talking about a whole cow or a side of beef, from a 4-H kid at a county fair, or the butchers they use, such as Willowside Meats outside of Santa Rosa or Bud’s Custom Meats in Penngrove.

Yes either shipped or local to LA.

Great shop but their prices are prohibitive.

Not looking for a whole cow but willing to buy 20-40 lbs at a time.

You get a much better price if you buy a quarter, which is around 80 lbs.

Thanks, lots of good info on that link.