Where to buy petite/young carrots with tops?

I swear, when I don’t need something, I see it everywhere, but now that I need that thing, I can’t find it anywhere!

Where in the North/West SFV can I buy petite/young carrots? The slender ones about 5-6" long with the green top still attached? I’ve checked TJs, Ralphs and Smart and Final. Normally, I go to Underwood Farms and pick my own, but I don’t have time to go this time.

I don’t think it’s the season for those. Ralph’s usually carries carrots with tops in the organic section, but I haven’t seen them recently.


You might find them at your local farmer’s market, but @Bookwich is right about seasonality.

Yep. Usuallly Trader Joe’s has them when in season. For now, the best place probably would be Whole Foods.


Bristol Farms usually carries those prescious carrots with tops as well when available. It seems like 60-70% carrot tops and the rest actual carrots.

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Thanks all. I didn’t think of Whole Foods. I’ll check there, but if not, I’m changing my plan.

Yep! Gelsons as well. Any of those places that sell those precious baggies from Melissas.

Farmers market. There’s not really a season, it’s just a matter of the farmer deciding to plant them and harvesting them young.

Why do you particularly need those?

We’re having a few friends over for a wine and cheese night, and one of the things I plan to make is a goat cheese herb dip with crudités. I thought it would be nice to have young carrots sliced in half vertically instead of the usual baby carrots made from regular deformed carrots. But I won’t have time to pick them myself so I was hoping to find them in a store. Oh well!

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I saw some at Ralph’s today, they had small rainbow carrots and orange carrots, both with tops.

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Nice idea, I’m stealing that :sunglasses:

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Do they have to have the tops on them? I get these at the Venice farmer’s market and they’re very good. Cleaned and peeled and great raw or cooked.

So you didn’t actually need the tops, you just wanted small carrots.

I’ve been seeing them at the farmers market for months. Some are bunched with tops, some are loose sold by the pound.