Where to buys langoustines in LA

Say I wanted to grill some at home. Where can I buy langoustines?

Here’s a fun and informative piece - and maybe you can’t buy them at the corner 7-Eleven :slight_smile:


LA Weekly reported that you can get them frozen at Santa Monica Seafood:

But maybe you wouldn’t want to:


Note that most “langoustines” on Amercan menus are crawfish tails.



They have frozen langoustine at Trader Joes, but that might be better suited for sauteeing over grilling…

Chilean langostino are not langoustines.

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Check with Joon at Pacific Fresh Fish in DTLA.

Boogie -

Years ago, I got the frozen langoustines from TJ’s and used them to make this pasta. It was AWESOME!

Since then I have also used fresh cooked shrimp - and that has worked as well.

Happy cooking to you!


Quick follow up: ended up buying amazing live SB spot prawns at Cape Seafood.
Highly recommend the place!

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recall the price per pound?

Not at all. I am sure they will tell you over the phone. Wonderful
store. Great scallops from Hokkaido.