Where to get good shad roe and shad?

The shad have arrived! A quintessential (but nearly forgotten?) symbol of Spring along the East coast…

Anyone have any recommendations on restaurants that serve a good version of the roe? Also going to buy some from a fish market for fun at home. I know Citarella sells them, but anyone on FTC has experience purchasing and could recommend a particular market?

Although we have an apartment in Manhattan, I do all my food shopping near our house in NJ. When it comes to fish, I buy it at Whole Foods. Always pristine. I’ve never bought shad roe but imagine it would be top quality at WF.

That’s great to know generally about WF and fish. In Reno we have almost no choice. Thanks as always, RGR.

Glad I was helpful, @catholiver!

@jperelmuter, Another option that just occurred to me is The Lobster Place, in Chelsea Market. I’ve heard reports that their fish and seafood are top notch. They also have a restaurant there, Cull & Pistol. If the market is carrying shad roe, the restaurant would probably be serving it.

Website: lobsterplace.com

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When I was in Santa Cruz wf sucked for fish . For instance a whole branzino that’s not cleaned .Full on stink belly . More weight for the fish is more money .

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The Union Square branch in Manhattan is also not great.

I used to think WF was a decent (albeit expensive) source for fish.

Post Amazon though has been terrible, fish completely dried out w/o ice, seafood area smells… ugh. Amazon has not been good for WF.

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I don’t think it has to do with the Amazon takeover. The Union Square Whole Foods has had subpar fish for years, although I get gulf shrimp and bay scallops there, when they have them - that’s worked out well so far. Bowery Whole Foods is somewhat better; I just got some nice-looking monkfish there this afternoon, in fact. But my first choice is always the Greenmarket, and after that, Lobster Place and Union Grocer. I’ve gotten excellent shad roe at Union Square Greenmarket by being there on the right day and at the right time. It doesn’t come around often, and it sells out fast. Flounder roe is more of a sure bet.

My go-to places for fish in NYC are Lobster Place, Citarella, Osakana and Katagiri. Never bought shad roe before so just wondering if anyone had first hand experience getting it. Thanks for input!

Citarella UWS