Where to source fresh Goose?

Hi all,

Staying with family for a month over the holidays and am looking to source a fresh goose for Christmas. It’s been near a decade since I’ve actually lived in the Annapolis area so I’m a little out of touch.

Obviously the best place for fresh geese would be through a local hunter, but my contacts are limited. I know you can source frozen geese from Whole Foods, or such places as 99 Ranch / Great Wall out in Rockville area, but I’d prefer to get fresh either from a local source fresh harvested or from a smaller butcher shop.

Taking a shot in the dark here as this forum seems to be more active on the west coast, but if anyone has any tips that’d be great, willing to drive a good distance, but I am staying in Annapolis.


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fwiw, when our kids were little I opted to do the whole Christmas goose theme thing . . . much effort into finding fresh goose . . . then the very German ILG butcher informed me December was not a good time to harvest geese and for quality suggested a frozen bird…

anyway, buy double what you think you need - there’s not a lot of meat on a goose.

Good to know, thanks for the tip! I’ve kind of discovered that after calling a few local farms.

I’ve found a friend of the family that does a bit of hunting, he’s going to try for a bird over the weekend, so fingers crossed we get something!

Also the Whole Foods in Annapolis plans to receive a shipment of frozen geese ahead of the Christmas week for anyone else in the area that may be searching.

A farmed goose will throw off cups of delicious and useful fat, so figure two pounds per person. Wild geese are so lean that you have to bard them or take some other steps to prevent it from drying out.