Where to stay in San Diego?

What neighborhood gives the best combination of walking distance to a beach and good restaurants?

La Jolla

La jolla is a good suggestion. Maybe best to stay wherever and just Uber or whatever around.

The good restaurants are all a significant drive from the beach?

Yes, pretty much. In La Jolla, there’s a cluster of good places around Prospect St. (George’s, Eddie V’s, Nine-Ten, Donovan’s). A little further north there’s another cluster (Marine Room, Osteria, Galaxy, Piatti’s). In Pacific Beach, there’s The Fishery, JRDN, and Oceana. In Coronado, there’s a cluster near the Hotel Del Coronado, (Stake, 1500 Ocean, Primavera, Chez Loma, Brigantine, Bluewater Boathouse – haven’t been to Bluewater, but heard good things). Further from these “clusters”, and you’ll really need some kind of transportation.

No such thing.

Good beaches are not near (at least not “walking distance” near) to quality eats.

Well, OK, but it depends on how long they’re going to be here. If it’s just a couple of nights, you don’t think that 1500 Ocean and Stake would be good places to dine if they’re in centre-ville Coronado? Really nice beach there.

No - 1500 Ocean isn’t as good as it once was and haven’t been to Stake but have heard very mixed things from friends

Guess I missed an important change at 1500 Ocean.

La Jolla village for the higher end
La Jolla Shores for quaint mid range
Del Mar/Solana Beach
Encinitas for surfer vibe
Coronado and bike

Define walking distance, and good beach. LOL