Where to watch football?

I’m looking for a place with good food that has the NFL ticket so I can watch the crappy philadelphia eagles.

I was thinking plan check, do they show out of market games?


The DTLA location only has like 4 TVs and the bar area isn’t very large so I don’t know they’d spring for NFL Ticket. I’m an ex-Philadelphian and the Iggles are so painful to watch this year.

Philly West Bar & Grill (Westwood Blvd.) - Hoagies, cheesesteaks, and Tastykakes. You might even spot me in the there every now and then.

For neutral ground: Butcher’s Dog (Olympic & Sawtelle) - Gastropub fare.

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Bludso’s, Rush Street/City Tavern, and Biergarten in Ktown are all decent.

Ye Rustic Inn. Wings are very good. Burger is passable. Avoid everything else at all costs. Cold pitchers of beer. Crowd of rowdy drinkers and sports fans.

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I am told by a big time Eagles fan that many Eagles fans gather at the Garage on Motor in Culver City for the games.

This is a great suggestion. Hilarious/awesome place. It is/was also the primary setting for one of the greatest running football columns of all time, Alex Pappademas’ I Suck At Football

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Been going on/off for the fifteen years I’ve lived in LA. I describe it as a “townie bar” in the heart of one of the world’s largest and most diverse cities.

If you want to be surrounded by real hardcore Iggles fans, Big Wangs in Hollywood is the place. Maniacs.

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Yeah, but then you’d be at Big Wangs and that ain’t good.

I’ve been pleased with The Morrison in Atwater Village for my various sporting needs. Pretty decent anglophile (or scotsophile?) pub grub but more to the point they’ve always been super-accommodating in terms of getting your game on a TV. And when you leave, if you’re still hungry you can pick up chicken at Dinah’s.

Which leads me to a digression… how can their chicken be so good but they aren’t capable of making a single edible side?

I agree re: Dinah’s. The sides there are just gross. I mean, how do you screw up corn on the cob?

Butcher’s Dog has plenty of TVs and a really nice beer selection on tap.

5 Line Tavern in Eagle Rock.

Food isn’t very good though.