Who has French Market coffee?

I know that NOLA themed store in Chinatown does, but getting down there during my usual shopping hours is tough – if I venture much out of Pasadena it’s usually the nearer parts of the SGV. I can get Cafe du Monde damn near everywhere, and I like it okay, but find French Market to be a little smoother and richer. Any suggestions? Confirmed sightings? Actual purchases?


Could swear I’ve seen it at the Fox Hills Target. The 99 Ranch on Del Mar used to carry it, but I haven’t been there in a while.

Cheap as chips and you’ll get it in two days.

All of the Asian Markets in San Ganriel have it. I know for sure that The San Gabriel Super Store has it and inexpensive.

Last time I was in SG Superstore they had stacks of Cafe du Monde but no French Market. Hawaii has none, nor Arcadia, nor any of the 99 Ranch stores. Of course that can change from day to day …