Whole Foods 50% Off Cheese Of The Day

12/8/2017 to 12/19/2017

Each day one type of cheese will be 50% off tag price.


Well, I think that’s super but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it “insane.” LOL Thanks for sharing.

I’m not interested until I can get free prime same day shipping w/ $35 purchase.

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Tomorrow is Epoisse day. I’ll probably drop in.

Please choose a WF that’s already in a burn area. :joy:

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A scam. I showed up at 11, and they were “sold out”. No rain check.

(Playa Vista branch, which I called last night to confirm that the cheese would be available).

Well, I suppose they could really have been sold out but seems suspect to me. Hmm.

Went to Brea this morning and there were at least 4 full wheels of epoisses.

What time did you go?

7:45am. Was out shopping early for my Xmas party.

They only had four at 7:45? That is so wrong. I wonder how they’ll do tomorrow with the Bonne Bouche.

Maybe THAT’S what makes this an “insane cheese sale”

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To be fair the Brea cheese section is very small. About 1/3 of the size of the Tustin store.

I called and asked how much of the cheese is available. At the Playa Vista location (which is very busy) 12 wheels of Epoisse were on sale yesterday, and today have 24 of the Bonne Bouche.