Who's got the best Italian sub?

I’m craving one. No GodMother please.

Sopressata at Black Hogg

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I’ve yet to find a truly great Italian sub in this city. Most of the time I try somewhere that’s highly regarded by people I know, it ends up being some abomination that comes with diced tomatoes/onions/pickles, or worse, a third slice of bread in the middle…

Godfather at All About The Bread on Melrose. Parking can be a huge pain (try street parking just east on Melrose past La Brea, a couple of blocks away) but a solid sub.

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I like Angelo’s in Seal Beach and Long Beach.

Marcel’s at Farmers Market.

Rocco’s and Larchmont were okay

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I like going to Claro’s Italian Markets and having the deli counter customize my sandwich with anything I want. Usually, it’s prosciutto, Toscano salami and caciacavallo cheese with all the fixings. It’ll run me a bit over $10, but I don’t care…it’s so good.


for an NJ-style Italian sub I still have not found one better than Jersey Mike’s.

the all about the bread italian is pretty good though.

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what abominable places are you thinking of? Sometimes I like them with diced tomatoes/onions/pickles. lol

Godfather at All About the Bread is indeed great but basically a clone of the Godmother.

The Cannibal Butcher Shop does a decent minimalist Italian combo with meat from Salumeria Biellese in NYC. Little overpriced, though.

except the Godfather is far superior

i’m going to go ahead and just say Sorrento’s. It just the deli vibes and charm i’m used to… and as far as I recall no fucking Boar’s Head


I happen to love both Giamela’s and Mario’s, tyvm, but I guess they aren’t quite classic Italian subs (though I bet you could get something satisfying at Mario’s).

Given Roma’s recent downhill motion, I’d probably second soppressata. I also love Eastside Market, but more for their hot subs than cold.

I’ve had Mario’s and, while an enjoyable sandwich, didn’t find it to be a destination worthy Italian sub. I think I just have my own definition of what a classic Italian is. Capicola, salami, mortadella, provolone, shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes and red wine vinegar. Great bread is a must. Oil, onions, or oregano are optional. Nothing else allowed :slight_smile:

I haven’t made it to Sopressata yet. Sounds like I need to.

Check out The Heights Deli & Bottle Shop, I have had 2 really good subs there so far, I have not Had their Italian but based on the others you should like it.

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The purest of the pure would still be “The Sandwich” at Roma in Pasadena, in spite of Rosario’s switch from the amazing if messy crusty roll to a softer-but-not-tough one. The only vegetable matter involved* is the drizzle of fine olive oil on each cut half, followed by provolone, prosciutto, salami, mortadella (AAAHHH, that mortadella!) and another cured pig thing I can never remember … or maybe I’ve put an extra layer in? Been a while – I’m still mourning the crusty roll, dammit.

But that’s it. It’s maybe a little bit too much (unless you’re a real glutton), but just try stopping with one half. And it’s still $5.50 every day. NE corner North Lake and Mountain, Pasadena.

*Oops, forgot – there are pistachios in the mortadella …


it’s been a while, but i don’t remember the sandwich being all that big. i mean, i know i’m a big tub
o’ goo on my best day, but it wasn’t any larger than a santoro’s or giamela’s and the godmother seemed
much bigger.
tasty tasty sandwich though.

It takes me 1.5 sandwiches to get full.

Sorry – IMO it’s a sandwich, not a full meal. It’s an 8" roll with stuff on it. If you need more than that for some reason, get two. Any lunch that makes me want to take a nap is too damn much.

It’s more satisfying to me than the small one from Claro’s, and less cloying than the big one.

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I judge Italian subs based on the dressing. When I didn’t eat meat/dairy for a while, I would get a godmother with just the vegetables and dressing and it was EXCELLENT. I’d also eat muffuletta sandwiches the same way.

So, I guess I don’t have any recs for you, but will ask my new yawk transplant friend for you.

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Hmm, in Delaware, where my introduction to submarine obsession began, your definition holds true but pepperoncinis or pickles are always offered as well. I usually asked for both.