Who's got the best Jollof Rice?

with meat?

I don’t know, but this place is on my list:


Airport Royal Cuisine, a Ghanaian restaurant near LAX has the best jollof rice I have yet tasted in Southern California. You can order it with any of their meats.

Robert’s suggestion, if much easier to access for you, is also very good.


I’ve been to African Chop truck but not their pick up location. The truck’s hours were a little relaxed - like if they said they were open at noon, it could mean they would still be parking and setting up at noon.

The pick up location would work well for a splurgy pick-me-up if I am required to go to my admin offices. Has anyone done it?

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In addition to the two great suggestions so far, I quite enjoyed the jollof rice at Mama D’s African Cuisine in Boyle Heights as well.