Why LA Is the Best Eating City in America

Thanks @PorkyBelly! I haven’t finished reading it. But this goes with something I was thinking about when we were praising, critiquing and debating J Gold’s 101. That we have it really, really good here in L.A.

Fun article, though it’s basically the track listing for Meehan’s mix tape of Jonathan Gold’s greatest hits.


Gold wouldn’t start at Gjusta.

good observation.

And no mention of Pico besides Apple Pan.

What! I have to finish this article. Pico is practically all we’ve been talking about lately.

Pico was a long time ago - not that he should forget his past. But LA is not the same relatively small handful of gems anymore as well. Thinking back a handful of years ago, Coffee Tomo was IT. They’re still great, but look at the choices now. And that’s just coffee.

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Oops I should clarify…

The Lucky Peach article only mentioned one Pico place but I am glad of the Koreatown, Thai Town, and Boyle Heights love alongside LA’s food darlings.

That’s like doing a NYC Food Guide without mentioning Roosevelt Blvd in Queens.

Too much variety and diversity on Pico to be ignored.


Also LOL at The Smiths/Morrisey reference


Panic in the streets of Los Angeles…

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Bigmouth Strikes Again, Charming Man, etc.

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Got it. Pico is pretty amazing now that you mention it. Starting from the beach and travelling east, one doesn’t have to go more than a few blocks at a time before coming upon something noted as food-significant.

I just keep thinking that pre-food boom in LA, this city just pretended to be on a diet. We were actually kinda starving - okay, maybe malnourished - not enough variety in great food. Now that this city has a fair amount of credible food, we no longer have to pretend we are on a diet. In fact, with all the choices, this town has gotten quite girthy.


apropos of nothing, i suppose, but this song runs through my
head probably more often than is good for me.
mostly the “says nothing to me about my life” seems to apply
to so, so many things i read, hear and see.

yes, this is a “me problem” if you’re scoring.

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Dana Goodyear at The New Yorker

Some examples:


What song is that?

“Panic” by The Smiths

Oh, sure. Did he swap in the local city when on tour?

Ahh many thanks, that’s the kinda stuff I was looking for.

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How interesting that there ain’t a single writer you listed under 50… only one under 60. I wonder why that is.