Why LA Is the Best Eating City in America



Good read!!

I need to grab this issue.

Nice. Thank you for posting!

just what we need, more New Yorkers writing about LA :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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i’ve only skimmed the issue, so i should keep an open mind until i read the whole thing.

but, lucky peach has gotten worse, not better. some issues have been almost unreadable; poor writing,
poor layout, a vapourous and vacuous point of view.

never have liked peter meehan much as a writer, and while i enjoyed his restaurants and his
occasional high quality bon mot or mot juste, david chang seems like kind of a…well, insert phallic
euphemism here.

this is only my opinion, and i still get the magazine. i just don’t read it as carefully as i used to. and,
i will keep an open mind as i delve into the l.a. issue.
it’s highly possible i’m just sick of all this shit.

does anybody write well about food? Serious question. It’s so difficult to find informed and competent food writers. I mean, I’m an admitted big Gold fan, but when was the last time he did anything other than reviews? Does he ever do hard-hitting longform stuff?

edward behr, michael ruhlmann, michael pollan, ruth reichl, anthony bourdain, harold mcghee, kenji lopez-alt, francis lam…
yes, all pretty mainstream, but i enjoy them.

dont know what “hard hitting” is, but im pretty much a simpleton.

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I’d just like to point out this sea change really started around the time I moved to LA. Correlation or causation? :grin:


Bigmouth strikes again.


What a Charming Man you are.


It is also highly probable that @linus is a better writer than most of the Lucky Peach scribes.
That’s my experience anyway.

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@kevin fucking does.


Ask me ask me ask me…


But that joke isn’t funny anymore…


Everyone worships long form a little too much. Just because it’s long doesn’t mean it’s good. For good food writing, just go to early Reichl, Jeffrey Steingarten, heck even Edward Behr, M.F.K. Fisher. Ruhlman is also amazing. I think his Soul of a Chef book is one of my alltime favs. Also, A Cook’s Tour is Bourdain’s best book, imo.

Long form journalism is really expensive to produce and the numbers don’t back it up. They’re for vanity, prestige, and reputation building.

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Some restaurants are bigger than others…


Some restaurants’ menus are bigger than other restaurants’ menus…


The fact that it is reputation building indicates it must be of higher quality, no?

Thanks for the shout out on the Eater guide btw :wink:

A sweet and tender hooligan if ever there was one…


For sure :smiley: