Why, WHY can't restaurants provide a real sharp knife with meat?

I don’t know that it’s elitist. I was just as obsessed a foodie in my early 20s when my friends and I were working shitty low-wage jobs in San Francisco. We’d go out to great cheap restaurants and schlep all over town to get ingredients to cook with. Alice Waters and the other people who worked at Chez Panisse (I’d stick around a few extra days at a temp job when I wanted to eat there) seemed like slightly older versions of my crowd. Occasionally somebody would bring a friend from out of town along and they’d say, don’t you people ever talk about anything but food?

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Another old thread.

If I need even a serrated knife to cut a steak then, IMneverHO :), it’s a shitty steak. I don’t use steak knives at home. If it’s not ‘cuttable’ with a dinner knife then it’s sliced in the kitchen before serving. But I’ve never been to a chain steak place so what do I know?

A steak that you can cut with a dull knife isn’t one of the cuts I like. In meat, flavor is in inverse ratio to tenderness.

Our favorite steak is a rib eye. I can cut it with a dinner knife.

A dull knife is a problem with the connective tissue in the bone-in ribeyes I eat.

I have several sets of cutlery. All the knives have that fine bit of serration. I have no problem cutting ribeyes. As I mentioned above, if it’s a tough cut, i.e., grilled chuck steak, it’s sliced in the kitchen and those slices are ‘cuttable’ with a regular dinner knife.

I have two sets I use regularly and the knives are dull enough that I regularly encounter steaks and chops where I’m sawing away fruitlessly so I get up and grab the steak knives.

I occasionally have that problem in restaurants as well, though usually it’s just sloppy service that they forgot to bring a steak knife, not that they don’t have them.

I feel my Two-buck Chuck lesson coming on.