Wise Sons at the Contemporary Jewish Museum

Worth a visit?
And more specifically, any comments on their rye bread and pastrami?

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I was by there yesterday after a visit to the museum for a peek - didn’t eat, but their packaged rye bread looked very good - like the corn rye I grew up in LA eating. (Didn’t buy any.) Has anyone here tried it? Comments?

I’m a huge fan of their pastrami on rye. It’s my go to whenever I am participating at an event at Moscone. I often just go to the window out back and place my order and eat elsewhere. I think you can phone in orders in advance or use some sort of app but I have never done that. They have good half sour dills too if you are into that. Gulden’s mustard packets are provided.

I haven’t been to that Wise location, but presumably they serve the same items as the mother ship on 16th. I was there one afternoon last month, and ordered the following:
– Corned beef hash and eggs. CBH was very good, with large chunks of CB, potato, and a fair amount of well-caramelized onions and peppers. However, I would request well-done if I went again, as I like my CBH browned. Asked for eggs over medium-well, and they came over easy.
– To go, a loaf of rye and a pound of pastrami. I know pastrami is supposed to be salty, but this was way too salty. Bread was pretty good (yes, much like L.A. rye of yore), but I guess I’m spoiled with Langer’s for both those items. Maybe my expectations are too high.
– Also to go, a rugelach – it was great.

CBH was good enough that I would go back for that.

Too many folks I know say pastrami is salty and little meat.

Pastrami aside, So are there any decent Jewish delis in the Bay Area?

Where does one get a real bagel?

Still looking for a decent Jewish Deli and bagel.

Side note: I like Augie’s over Wise Sons. Worth a try.

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Beauty Bagels are the great but more Montreal than NY style: https://www.beautysbagelshop.com/

Daily Driver is the new kid in town but I haven’t tried them yet.

Of the cafe’s and restaurants that make small batches of their own bagels Pearl 6101 is getting best reviews for their bagels. Marla Bakery and 20th Century Cafe are good in a homey sort of style,

Agree with this, Wise Sons pastrami has gone way down hill in quality since they first opened [and their bagels are nothing special].
There aren’t any great jewish delis that I know of I haven’t been to Sauls’s in Berkeley in 20 years so someone else can opine on them, but they were just OK if I recall.

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Thanks for the replies.

Stunned. I remember living in Clearwater Florida and there were no delis anywhere for 100 miles, when that first one opened up oh my God it was amazing LOL

It’s crazy how few plain old bagel shops there are and that there’s not one decent deli.

When I browse the bagels photos on Yelp (I’m pretty good at spotting the truth if I can see the top, bottom and crumb) they look like funky hybrids, or Montreal, or use a sourdough starter, or wood. I can’t find anything traditional except it looks like possibly in Palo Alto.

Daily Driver looks interesting. They look kinda like H & H in NYC ( never understand why New Yorkers love that place), though those are on the soft/bready side.

In NYC I usually hit Ess-a-Bagel, they do such high volume that you get them fresh and hot. Last time I tried Black Seed in Battery Park and maybe I got one from a bad batch but it was terrible, no real crust like it was only baked. I’ll be back there tomorrow and may try Lox NYC at the museum of Jewish Heritage.

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I live in SoCal. May be relocating, yeah, not if I can’t find a deli or bagel joint.

A friend of mine moved to SF and turned to me for assistance.

Ever been to House of Bagels or Holey Bagel or Noe Bagel?

House of Bagel is just OK. Holey Bagel isn’t good. I have a vague memory of somebody bringing Noe Bagels to some event and thought they were just OK.
Sacrifices must be made.

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If you’re talking about Izzy’s on California St, last I had them (10 years ago, so YMMV) they were great; the real deal.

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Yep! That’s the one!

Gr8pimpin, i don’t think you’re gonna find a good deli or bagel…but there is great pizza up there…of course, we’re in a pizza golden age here in LA these days!

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wow, interesting…PA

jeez, House of Bagels was around when I first landed in SF in 82

I second the beauty’s bagels rec… but that is bc they remind me of beigels in east London which was a more formative bagel experience in my life than growing up in NJ.