WP test kitchen

Any one ever been? If so, what are your thoughts?

Debating about choosing this or somni for dinner in a couple of weeks.

You mean Rogue?

Of the places I’ve tried, I’d say that Somni and Hayato are the closest to Rogue. Each one is wonderful in its own way. Vespertine is a bit too “out there”; the food at Vespertine is not as so much tasty as it’s more thought-provoking (if that even makes sense). Interestingly, I’d add Sushi | Bar in Encino to this list of candidates as well.

I think Rogue and Somni are both great dining experiences. Both are very intimate. Enjoy!

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Yes i guess I meant rogue although it’s listed online as WP test kitchen.

Sounds like I can’t go wrong with rogue vs somni . Thanks for the insight will report back

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FWIW, while dining at Somni last week, diners sitting next to me thought WP left a more memorable experience.

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Apples and oranges, in my book. Spanish avant garde-esque versus Cal-Euro inventive fusion. Both involve some level of “Mad Scientist in open kitchen” in feel…

Great food for thought!

@J_L Having been to both is there one that you prefer over the other?