WSGV updates

That owner would be George Yu.

Golden Delights opens in a new commercial/residential complex on Garvey Ave. in Rosemead. Separate Chinese and Vietnamese menus.

When did Shakas MP die? Either way, I’m gutted by this development.

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A nakas? I recall someone bringing me takeout from there once. Good mango BBQ ribs.

The two business partners had a falling out. One of the partners took the name and the recipes. The other kept the business and changed the name to Nakas. This all happened right before the pandemic. They’re trying to make a comeback and trying to stay afloat. Different menus (still Hawaiian or JA type food) and they’re still working on the menu and constantly revising to make it better.
I try to support when I can

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Tell them to open up in Palmdale. I’ll keep them afloat myself.


Heading into the office in Rosemead to get a new computer tomorrow. What’s the move for quick lunch takeout?

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yesssss happy it’s still around. I wonder if banh beo travels ok?

Typically sold on styrofoam platters Togo at Vietnamese bakeries so yes they travel well.

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Update: it is GORGEOUS to go

Oh and it and the lemongrass beef + shrimp summer roll were as great as ever.