WSJ: Recipe for a Life-Changing Soup


Chef Mike Solomonov knows what a comfort a hot meal can be. Now he hopes to provide that for thousands of Philadelphians with his new project Rooster Soup Company. Definitely on the menu: this savory, spicy beef soup

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I’m not a subscriber but was able to just click on the link. Thanks for that. I have a lot of Middle Eastern spices and am always looking for good uses.

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The link worked for me too. Thanks - it sounds delicious. I’m going to make it today and have it for dinner tomorrow. Soups and stews always taste better the second day.

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This is a great soup, and I will definitely make it again. What’s interesting is that. despite the large amounts of turmeric, cumin, and pepper used, it’s not spicy, just very flavorful. In addition, it smells like my grandmother’s Hungarian Szekeley Goulash which uses paprika and caraway seeds.